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 PSN - xCyMRu.

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PSN : xCyMRu
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PostSubject: PSN - xCyMRu.   Tue Nov 17, 2009 3:00 am


-Name : Nathan.
-Age : 16.
-Location/Nationality : Wales.
-Hobbies/Interests : Playing football, rugby, PS3 and outings with friends.
-Languages you speak (a fluent English is necessary) : Fluent English & Welsh.
-What kind of person are you ? Fun, happy, tolerant & relaxed.


-Favourite game (or series of games) : Call of Duty.
-Past online games : CoD4, CoD5, CoD6, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, End War.
-Past clans : [TGS] - Tactical Gaming Squad, [-GA-] - Green Army, P4o*, [-ZT-] - Zero Tolerance, you guys Smile + a few more.
-PSN : xCyMRu.
-Currently playing : CoD6.
-Number of gaming hours per day : Tuesday, Thursday + Sunday all day, otherwise about 4 hours on average.
-Do you play for fun, which means you don't care about the results, or at the opposite, are you always trying to get the best stats, whatever the cost ? (a moderate answer is accepted) I play for fun, but I know when I need to be competitive, like clan matches for example.
-Do you often talk into your headset ? With friends & in clan matches usually. Otherwise not that often.

TM Clan

-Where have you heard of us ? SnEaKy_SkiLLz , about a year ago, he recruited me but I left due to my connection issues back then. My name was SniPa_GoD back then.
-Why do you think TM is different than other clans ? Loyal clan, been together for years, very proffessional and mature, everyone gets to play.
-Why do you want to join ? (the fact that TM is a good clan is not a proof of your interest for us) I've been in it before & enjoyed the conversation, I also liked being on a team with players of the same calibur as me for a change.
-What can you bring to TM, except one more member ? Loyalty, trust, I'm dependable. A good in-game sniping advantage(supporting fire).

-You probably had another clan before TM, which means you betrayed it, but what makes you think you're gonna be loyal with us ? I left most of my other clans because I couldn't get my connection fixed, now its fine I want to start playing matches again. The ones I didn't leave because of this disbanded due to people disputing for NO REASON.
-When you lose a game, what is your reaction ? I'm disappointed if they were better than me, but slightly annoyed if they weren't as good and got lucky. Very annoyed when one player on their team carries and wins it for them.
-Sometimes, we're moving to other games : would you be ready to follow your partners even if you hadn't plan to buy this game ? If its a shooter, most definately. The only thing that could stop me would be lack of money.

-During the games, we like to have some fun, so do you have a funny story for us ? I was playing CoD5 Search and Destroy, 5 players on their team were taunting thinking they had won(idiots), I was the last guy and saw an opportunity, so I ran between them and planted a bouncing betty, killed them all + me Happy Smile. Funniest thing I've ever done.

Thanks for taking your time to read this, I look forward to hearing your reply & if you don't plan on recruiting me/ giving me a trial please do your best to contact me, if you are unable to contact me and you wish to either reject me or accept me, you can reach me here: MSN - nathan_16@live.co.uk , Skype - Giggsy08

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PSN - xCyMRu.
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